Orang Asli Preschool Project

Recently Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) embarked on its Orang Asli Preschool Project at the Pos Woh village, Tapah. This preschool project came into fruition to provide these indigenous children who are marginalised and are unable to identify alphabets and numbers, an avenue to cope with formal education. Many of these children miss schooling not because there are no schools in this area but simply due to factors like poverty, transportation woes and the lack of interest in education.

This PWW’s preschool project program aims to help children to master six key learning components: language, communication, cognitive development, morale, spirituality, creativity and social-emotional development. Language skills are given particular emphasis, as it enables children to develop their ability to think, understand
concepts, imagine and communicate effectively. The classes also involve activities such as, singing, colouring and fun activities.

On registration day, PWW received good response with 53 children from Pos Woh village, some as young as four years old, eager to start. PWW intends to run this programme weekly.